DIPOA GROUP made a captivating debut on the global stage during the 42nd HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair and the 11th Salon de TE, which ran from September 5th to 9th 2023 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The event featured over 700 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions. DIPOA brand is newly created in Balingen, Germany and it is set up multiple business partners with sales office, warehouse and production facilities on global basis as DIPOA Group.

DIPOA Group presented its exquisite European modern style home decor clocks, encompassing an impressive collection of wall clocks, table clocks and floor clocks. This splendid exhibition was showcased in the Renaissance Moment zone.

The name DIPOA encapsulates the brand’s intention to create DECORATION & INTENTIONAL PIECE OF ART. It reflects a global perspective in both function and design, offering high-quality and accessible timekeeping solutions to an international customers.

-DECORATION: Personalize your home and spaces with clocks that express your style and identity.
-INTERNATIONAL: Delivering top-notch quality and design for worldwide usability.
-PIECE OF ART: Crafting pieces of art that inspire the decoration of homes and spaces.

DIPOA Group is confident with its clocks which represent 3G policy (GOOD QUALITY, GOOD DESIGN, GOOD PRICE) and presented in four distinct. Decorative & Stylish Clocks, Luxurious Standard Wooden Wall Clocks, Elegance In Melody With Pendulum Wooden Wall Clocks, and Elegance In Melody With Pendulum Table Clocks.


DIPOA Group recognizes the diversity of lifestyles and preferences, and as such, designs and manufactures products that cater to a wide range of living styles. Whether it’s wall clocks, table clocks, floor clocks, alarm clocks, or digital clocks, they offer both quartz and mechanical mechanisms, enabling every home to adorn time gracefully. DIPOA GROUP is a global collaboration of multi-nations professional clock industry people dedicated to creating timepieces that transcend mere timekeeping and serve as exquisite decorative pieces for homes and spaces. Committed to quality, design, and affordability,

DIPOA GROUP aims to bring accessible elegance to a diverse array of customers worldwide. DIPOA Group manages sales and marketing in Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and global sales and logistics from Bangkok, Thailand. In China, sales and marketing are conducted in Shenzen, China. For the European and U.S. markets, the brand operates under DIPOA from Balingen, Germany, and Praha, Czech.

Sales/Marketing in Asia , Africa, Australia, New Zealand , Middle East , and Administration / global sale & logistics Bangkok, Thailand
Sales/Marketing in China: Shenzen ,China
Sales/Marketing DIPOA in EU,USA : Barlingen Germany and Praha, Czech (In EU/USA area, our brand is DIPOA)